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Your Company Can Have Its Own Ride-Share Website!

Get a ride-share "subsite" on our website with your company or organization's branding. Your company can be listed in the drop-down list on the main page of our website and have it's own branded "vanity" ride-share URL.

Lead the Way!

Businesses and organizations can have their own branded ridesharing "subsites" on our website for a low annual fee.

Your "subsite" can restrict registration to your employees only, and can either limit matching to your own community, or give individual employees the option to also match with the public and all other employer subsites.

Use of the ridesharing website app is free for employees and public users. We're a charitable non-profit organization providing ridesharing services throughout BC (and we accept tax-deductible donations).

Your Commitment to Us:

Proactively promote and advertise your subsite throughout your company or organization.

We can also provide you with electronic promotional resources that you can print and distribute, or use in emails, e-newsletters, or on your intranet.

Tips for Success:

Try providing a selection of ride-share incentives to your employees, such as:

  • Preferred or free parking for ride-share vehicles
  • Prizes for carpoolers


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Benefits to You:

Gain competitive advantage — By promoting or subsidizing ride-share services, you may be offering an employee benefit that your competitors do not offer.

Mitigate infrastructure issues — We understand that every work location is different, with different issues and concerns surrounding available parking and available transit service for employees. Whether you are located downtown or in a business park, our service hopes to mitigate and hopefully eliminate these infrastructure barriers giving you the highest return on your investments.

Improve recruitment — Distance to work is important to employees and could arise as a recruitment barrier for your organization. Ideally, potential employees would like the most hassle free commute to work. By promoting or subsidizing ride-share services, you are able to attract more potential employees in turn broadening your options.

Enjoy strong employee relations and experience better retention — Now that you have them, how do you keep them? In providing current employees with transportation options, employees are able to save on transportation costs without having to relocate due to distance. Use our service as a benefit and introduce incentives to reduce turnover, build relations and improve retention.

Build on your identity — Partnering with us is a clear indication of your dedication and commitment toward environmental sustainability, conservation and social responsibility. Work with us to build and add to your unique identity.

Measure your results — By having your own branded ride-share "subsite" on ride-share.com, you will have access to reports to see what's happening with your employees. In following how many of your employees use ride-sharing services, you can also ascertain how much of an impact you are having on the environment and on traffic congestion. You can have a measurable impact!